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I am a New Media Artist and producer of the body of creative art projects featured on this website. Here you'll find a sampler of my latest creations; Hip Hop Music, Art Book and Visual Art.  
In addition to my artistic life I am a yoga teacher, massage therapist and tantric life coach committed to sexuality as a positive mode of self expression and art form.


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Members to my monthly e-club get a banging downloadable art-zine and new mp3's. Each new issue comes out on the full moon.

Expressing myself in a wide rage of mediums, it is my hope to connect with you on the level that speaks to your soul and activates your spirit! I consider myself an advocate for freedom of speech and alternative thinking, so you will find this throughout my message. Thanks so much for taking the time to know a bit more about me! Please stop by the guest book and say hi, or cyber stalk me and be in touch via one of my many portals.